County Legal Support Services - Access to Justice at an Affordable Price

No one should be denied access to justice because they can’t afford it. At County Legal Support Services (CLSS), we offer affordable, ethical, and high-quality legal support for individuals, small and medium sized businesses, and consumers who have difficulty bringing an action through more traditional yet costly means, such as solicitors.

County Legal Support Services acts as a McKenzie Friend to clients who wish to get justice through the civil courts, many of whom will fall outside the criteria to receive legal aid. CLSS aims to provide this support for such clients using a legally recognised practice, which will not price them out of a chance at justice. Our McKenzie Friend services include:

  • Advising clients on their legal position.
  • Drafting legal documents, such as letters of claim, defence to claim and other court applications.
  • Providing advice and support throughout the court process.
  • Attending court with the client to give moral support and quiet advice during a hearing.

      CLSS cannot conduct cases for you, but we will assist you with advice and all the casework necessary to help you try to achieve your desired outcome.

      A McKenzie Friend is recognised in law as a person who provides reasonable assistance to an individual going through the court process. This includes assistance prior to a hearing and being with you in person at court. You may be making a claim against someone in the county court or you may be defending a claim brought by someone else in the county court.

      To learn more about the advantages of securing our assistance, contact our office today.