About Us

County Legal Support Services (CLSS) is unlike other legal services. We focus entirely on making your experience of the process free from any feelings of being overawed or anxious when faced with lawyers or the court system.

By choosing us our clients also avoid the high costs associated with more traditional legal representation, which can often place justice beyond the reach of many people on lower incomes, yet who do not qualify for legal aid.

Everyone has the right to legal advice, support, guidance, and assistance to enable them to gain access to justice and that’s what we pride ourselves on.

The partnership was founded in 2014 by David Court and David Hunter with a concentration on individual and business legal services, using skills developed in careers in the Royal Air Force, police service investigations and as a barrister. These skills have direct application to the type of legal support that CLSS offers.

Our competitive service can fill the gap in a legal services market, where legal aid is limited, and where access to justice is unavailable to people or small and medium-sized businesses because of the costs associated with more traditional legal service providers.

Our Values

When you deal with us, you’ll see our values in action every step of the way. We always seek:

  • To be approachable and sympathetic
  • To be efficient and cost-effective for you

  • To work with honesty and integrity

Our Purpose

We exist to look after our client’s interests in a positive, proactive and above all, professional way.

Our Partners

David Hunter

David graduated from university with an honours degree in history and joined the Metropolitan Police. Following four years’ service in inner London, he gained a commission in the Royal Air Force.

David studied law while serving in the RAF and on leaving the Service, he qualified as a barrister at the University of the West of England in Bristol and was called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, of which he remains a member.

For 10 years he practised as a barrister at chambers first in Wolverhampton, then in Bristol and latterly in London. Whilst his practice centred mainly on criminal law David also represented clients in civil proceedings and drafted legal opinions for solicitors.

David’s career to date has enabled him to garner broad experience of handling stressful situations with sensitivity, whilst combining an eye for detail and a well-organised approach with an appreciation of the necessity to act realistically, proportionately and pragmatically at all times.

Given his background, David is comfortable dealing with matters of law and the formality of courts. Moreover, his sharp negotiating and drafting skills can only be of particular benefit to any client.

David Court

David qualified as a special investigator in the Royal Air Force and carried on this role for over twenty tears, during which time he received the personal Commendation of the Air Officer Commanding in Chief for outstanding ability in the field of criminal investigations.

While his investigative role concentrated mainly on investigating criminal offences, David also spent a number of years working in the highly specialised and technical role of military aircraft incident investigations, which by their nature, often brought him into contact with members of parliament and the public.

David has also drafted amendments to the Queens Regulations (RAF) to ensure they complied with the Human Rights Act, which included amendments to the treatment of Service personnel whilst in detention. David also drafted the Joint Service Regulations for Criminal Procedures and Investigations 2000 and contributed to both the draft Bill for the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and the Armed Forces Discipline Act 2001.

After leaving the RAF, David entered the civil service and went on to create operational procedures and training programs for undercover surveillance operations within the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. 

On leaving the civil service, David joined Wiltshire Police as a local crime investigator, where he qualified in the video interviewing of children and vulnerable persons.

David has spent the last six years as a Business Manager in the private sector where he has gained a great deal of experience representing individuals and companies as a McKenzie Friend or as a Litigant in Person.

David has both litigated against and defended companies and individuals in a variety of areas including debt recovery, breaches of contract and insurance claims.

David has an effective, highly organized and forensic approach to matters involving pre-trial case preparation including statements, evidence gathering, events chronology and skeleton arguments.