McKenzie Friend Services

County Legal Support Services (CLSS) operates out of two centres based in Wiltshire and provides a high-quality, cost-effective range of products and services, which will not price you out of the chance of obtaining justice.

All our services can be undertaken from either of these centres but we are also happy to travel to meet you in person or wherever it may be necessary to provide you with assistance before, during and after any court hearing.

The McKenzie Friend Service

CLSS provides a fast and reliable service, offering reasonable assistance and legal support to individuals and small businesses engaged in the county court process before, during and after attendance at court, by acting as their McKenzie Friend.

A McKenzie Friend is recognised in law and is a person who provides reasonable assistance to someone representing themselves while going through the court process. This includes assistance prior to a hearing and being with them at court itself. Products offered by our service include the following:

  • Initial consultation
  • Pre-litigation consultation
  • Witness Statement and evidence taking
  • Letter of Claim drafting
  • Letter Before Action drafting
  • Claim form drafting – County Court Business Centre
  • Defence to Claim preparation
  • Counter-Claim preparation
  • Pre-trial preparation including completion of Allocation Questionnaires
  • Assistance with the completion of Court Orders and other Applications
  • Attendance at court with the client and sitting alongside them throughout the proceedings
  • Note-taking, assistance with papers and provision of moral support
  • Advice on what happens after the court hearing or the case is concluded

Note:  All papers remain the property of the client who should retain them as they see fit.

The Consumer Complaints Service

In relation to consumer complaints, CLSS offers to act on behalf of any individual who wishes to complain about any goods or services they have received and about which they are not happy. The following are typical examples of consumer complaint:

  • Disputes with builders and tradesmen
  • Faulty appliances
  • Faulty goods
  • Faulty equipment
  • Garage repair services

  • Goods not as advertised or requested
  • Goods not fit for purpose
  • Landlord and Tenant disputes
  • Products or services with digital content
  • Unpaid Wages

This service is separate from the McKenzie Friend service described above. With consumer complaints, CLSS may act as the agent of the client and take up the complaint on their behalf. This can include talking to the provider of the goods or services in order to try to reach an amicable settlement and writing letters on behalf of the client.

The final decision as to whether or not to agree to the settlement of a complaint rests with the client. Should it not prove possible to reach an agreement with the provider of the goods or services acceptable to the client, then the only recourse may be to take the matter to court. Such a decision rests with the client.

Should this course of action be decided upon, then CLSS may continue to act for the client in the role of McKenzie Friend along the lines set out in the preceding section. Alternatively, the client may decide to put the matter in the hands of a solicitor or to pursue the case on his or her own, in which case CLSS would withdraw.